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Are you desiring more calm in your life, but don’t know where to begin?

What if someone told you there was an easier way to navigate an a career, build your self-esteem and sense of family after divorce or other life transitions, and tap into a peace you didn’t know was possible?

Pathway to Personal Harmony

Are you: 

wondering where your self-confidence has gone?

emotionally shredded after a relationship ending?

feeling disempowered, missing your creative spark?

struggling to find yourself after life transitions?

attempting to rebuild your community and sense of family?

I hear you, because I was exactly where you were over 10 years ago. 

But I’m also here to tell you there’s an easier way – through working with me, you’ll learn how to

Achieve greater self-esteem, confidence and career success in the arts, academia, as well as other professional settings

Build and preserve your family, and sense of community to create a more enriching personal life after life changes

Access your creative state of flow and spiritual side to feel more calm, centered, resilient and fulfilled at work and at home


Book a Free, no strings attached

60-minute Consultation Call with me.


When I divorced, I was an instructor, uncertain of how to find success in academia much less my career in general, feeling lost as my existing family and friend circle crumbled, and overwhelmed with how to create a more peaceful life for myself and two kids, aged 12 and 9 at the time. Issues I’ve dealt with include anxiety, depression, anorexia and the hard cycle of enabling alcoholic, addictive behaviors of others.  Not yet 40, I also saw my mother defeated by ovarian cancer the month before a judge finalized my divorce. There was the added punch in the gut that all of this took place in a small, rural town with nowhere to hide. Ouch!

Today, I’m a much different person, more confident and successful in my academic career; enriched by my new sense of family, friendship and community; and more centered in an environment that has allowed me to raise my children to become emotionally intelligent humans. 

No one’s life is perfect, but mine has become one that I love and embrace. 

All of this because I discovered my own personal harmony pathway!   

I’ve gone through the journey, experienced the good, the bad and the ugly…. and I developed a P-E-A-C-E Plan for myself along the way. Now I want to share my strategies to help you with your pathway to personal harmony. 

Ready for transformation?

Here’s the framework I would walk you through:


Project confidence!

Personality re-discovery – who are you really? Love and accept yourself completely

Image and self-esteem – wherever you are, expect the roof to raise!

Navigating professional and academic hurdles in music and arts disciplines

Empowerment self-exploration

Higher ed/professional hacks to survive & thrive without feeling like a bitch


Embody an attitudE

Body Image and body love intervention!

Image/brand exercises to determine your values and what you stand for

Positive attitudes surrounding money, create more abundance

Awaken your sleeping creative beauty and know how to harness your power

Physical and nutritional health to live your best life

Yoga and exercise options that work for you, your body and lifestyle


Achieve Community

Build and preserve your tribe of support

Create YOUR new family, throw out the picture-perfect version!

Embrace your artistic community and bloom where you’re planted

Set new healthy boundaries to create better relationships

Be a boss mom and assertive ex-wife


Create Calm

Learn the best channels of accessing your spirituality 

Learn acceptance and how to truly receive

Achieve the benefits of relaxation and meditation so you feel free, not frazzled

Learn to be calm, yet resilient and gritty

Protect peace at all costs once you have it!


Enter a State of Flow

Reclaim your energy for you and what fulfills you

How to express yourself through journaling and love it

Tapping into your joy triggers whenever you need a tune up

Turning down the “noise” so you can get back to creating and performing at your best

Spoiler alert: this isn't a quick fix program and only "works" when you're committed to personal growth.

My program digs deep through all of these areas through 1:1 coaching sessions with me, email support, self-exploration tools, guest speakers, videos and personalized feedback to create your own pathway to personal harmony.

Want to Find Yours?


Book a Free, no strings attached 60-minute Consultation Call with me.

College Magazine.jpg

"Courtney Blankenship is the cool mom of inspirational music professors. She served as head of music merchandising at the Lotus World Music Festival for many years and has training in ballet in addition to degrees in marketing, piano performance and arts management. 'This is a woman that would go out of her way to make you dinner if you were hungry, comfort you if you are feeling down, and reach out to as many people she knows, to get you a job. She is my mother away from home. She is a single mother, raising two amazing and talented children, yet still comes to work bright and early looking as fabulous as one could,' said senior music business major Arianna Hayden (Lagesse). If you want to study all of your interests and make music accessible to the real world, follow Blankenship’s example."

College Magazine, 2017

Did you know that women bear the brunt of the negative side effects (of divorce)? Recent research found that divorced or separated women had lower levels of wellbeing and higher stress than their male counterparts. 

According to Authorities on Female Advancement, Top Hurdles Blocking Female Advancement include:

Confidence. Women tend to question themselves and doubt their worthiness, this mindset is limiting.

Branding and presence. Working women are often uncomfortable talking about themselves. They must learn to articulate their strengths and take charge of their own personal brands.

Networking. Busy women view networking as optional, but intentionally building your relationship both in your personal and professional circles is crucial to success.

If you aren’t sure, here are some (not so great) Sobering Statistics


Why wait?

Discover your own Pathway to

Personal Harmony

Book a Free, no strings attached

60-minute Consultation Call with me.


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